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TACOMA, WA 98409

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Cash&Carry Store - Seattle, WA

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Store #549
Store Hours

Mon 7:00a - 7:00p
Tue 7:00a - 7:00p
Wed 7:00a - 7:00p
Thu 7:00a - 7:00p
Fri 7:00a - 7:00p
Sat 7:00a - 7:00p
Sun 8:00a - 5:00p
Phone 206.364.1733
Fax  206.367.4126
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Order Cut-off Pickup Times
Mon 5:00p . . . . . .    Tue 7:00a - 6:00p
Tue 5:00p . . . . . .    Wed 7:00a - 6:00p
Wed 5:00p . . . . . .    Thu 7:00a - 6:00p
Thu 5:00p . . . . . .    Fri 7:00a - 6:00p
Fri 5:00p . . . . . .    Sat 7:00a - 6:00p
Sat 5:00p . . . . . .    Sun 8:00a - 4:00p
Sun 4:00p . . . . . .    Mon 7:00a - 6:00p

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Meet Our Team

Chris Walker

I started with Cash&Carry in 2011 at our Everett, WA location. In 2013 I was promoted to Assistant Manager and in 2015 I was promoted to Store Manager. Before Cash&Carry I worked in retail for four years while earning my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon. I also attended the Manager Development Program in 2015. I am excited to continue providing our customers with the highest level of service and helping Cash&Carry grow toward the future.

Justin Hirayama
Assistant Manager

I started my Cash&Carry career in January 2017 at 549 running multiple departments. In September 2017 I was promoted to Assistant Manager where I will continue to lead our team with a hard work ethic, excellent customer service and the desire to achieve superior store conditions Prior to Cash&Carry I worked installing carpet and in the restaurant business. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and spending time outside.

Modris Petersons
Assistant Manager

I started with the Cash&Carry team in 2011. During that time I have been responsible for the freezer department and participated in multiple freezer resets at other stores. I was promoted to assistant manager in 2012, I also have more than 30 years of experience in the foodservice and grocery industry. In my free time I enjoy volunteering at the Latvian church and center.

Nigel Baker
Perishable Specialist

I joined the Cash&Carry team in April of 2015 and managed the deli and dairy at our store in Bellevue, Washington. While successfully managing the deli department I then accepted a promotion to the position of Perishable Specialist at store in North Seattle. Prior to joining the Cash&Carry team I served 3 tours in the military and worked as a vendor in the Cash&Carry stores.

Jared Johnson
District Manager

I have worked for Cash & Carry since 1997, working 15 years as a store manager and I have been a District Manager since 2015. I have worked all over Northern, Southern, and the Bay Areas of California and in Nevada. I am currently the district manager for all of our stores in Western Washington from Federal Way to Bellingham and all the stores in the Seattle area. I’m very excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest where I’m originally from. I want to make sure that we are your place to shop for all your business needs and that you will enjoy your visit to one of our stores each and every time. We look forward to doing business with you and building a lasting relationship with all of our customers.