Cash&Carry Store - Salem, OR

#532 1355 SALEM IND. DR NE SALEM, OR 97303
p: 503-363-5731
f:  503-375-9418
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I have worked for Cash&Carry since 2000, and I was promoted to Store Manager in 2012. Prior to Cash&Carry I worked in Retail Grocery. My goal is to have a clean well stocked store and provide our customers with outstanding customer service.

Assistant Manager Perishable Specialist

I started working for Cash and Carry in 2003. I’ve been an assistant manager since 2011. Currently I have taken the perishable specialist position to gain more knowledge of all the perishable products. I enjoy working with all of our customers to help their businesses and ours succeed by offering great products and service.
Ken Eschliman
Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager

I have been working for Cash&Carry since 2006, including two years serving as an Assistant Manager. I really enjoy helping our customers and providing them with the supplies they need to make their businesses grow. I am proud to have established great relationships with our local businesses and our loyal customers. Everyday my crew and I strive to give the best customer service possible, with personal attention to all of our customer’s needs.

Jason Bienvenu
Assistant Manager

I joined Cash&Carry in 2011 as a sales associate. In 2013 I was promoted to Assistant Manager. Prior to Cash&Carry I have worked in the food service industry and was enlisted in the United States Army. It is my mission to provide the very best and helpful customer service to all that enter our establishment. I very much enjoy working hand in hand and developing relationships with our local businesses and community. It is extremely rewarding to see continued customer satisfaction as a result of our hard work and dedication. I look forward to many more years at Cash&Carry providing a shopping experience that is both as quick and easy as possible.

Dan Kaufman
District Manager

I have been with Cash&Carry for over 32 years, 9 years as a store manager. During the 14 years as a district manager I have had the opportunity to oversee stores in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Northern California. I really enjoy working with our store managers, associates and customers on a daily basis. Cash&Carry provides such a unique opportunity to partner with our customers and help them grow their business.