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Our Values

Growing Lasting Partnerships with Associates, Customers and Suppliers

Service - Meet customer needs and exceed expectations. We work hard to maintain a level of service that exceeds expectations, and helps businesses grow and succeed.

Teamwork - Work together to achieve common goals. Customers are not just part of our business, but the reason for it. We take pride in helping businesses grow and creating lasting partnerships along the way.

Integrity - Do the right thing every day. Our customers are busy. We work diligently to offer the best solutions and earn the continued trust of our business partners.

Loyalty - Grow lasting partnerships with associates, customers and suppliers. We've built solid relationships based on years of trust and success. We're here to help.

Dependability - Businesses depend on us to supply key ingredients—and we'll be here when customers need us most. We value our role in our partners' success, and we take this responsibility seriously.

Helpful and knowledgeable employees at Smart Foodservice®

The Difference

A number of things set Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores apart from our competitors. Among these include our locations, the ease of shopping with us, and most importantly our helpful and knowledgeable employees. At Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores our employees are dedicated to helping make your business a success.

Together, these ingredients help us honor our commitment to providing you with quality ingredients and restaurant products at prices that support the growth of your business.  

If you're interested in a job, please review our Careers.

Easy to find the food products you need

The People

As you shop again and again, you’ll notice that you keep encountering the same smiling faces. Many of our employees have been with us for 20 years or more.

We value full-time employees who care about the relationships they build with our customers, know the ins and outs of our stores, and are ready to offer cost-saving tips and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

More Stores

One thing that’s guided our growth over time has been our commitment to going where our customers are. As a foodservice professional or event planner, you have a lot on your plate. With 63 stores throughout the western U.S., at Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores we do our best to make sure we are as close to you as possible with our convenient locations.

Easy to Find the Food Products You Need

Whether you are a head chef or have been tasked with planning a fundraiser, you don’t want to be overwhelmed when you’re shopping. Beginning with our very first location in SE Portland, Oregon, and continuing through our most recent, our wholesale stores have always been a little smaller and a lot easier to navigate than those of some of our competitors. 

Our goal is to make the most use of available space, including the way we stock our shelves, our easy-to-read signage, and our refrigerated rooms that you can enter at any time to find the chilled or frozen products you want.

Stop in and experience the Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores difference today and let us start saving you time.

The Savings

More than anything, Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores customers come back because of the amazing savings they find on quality products. To help increase your savings, we offer an additional discount when you purchase by the case.  

Not only do we have great low prices, we work with our vendors and suppliers on a daily basis to receive the best pricing.  Because of this working relationship, we are able to receive additional special deals that we pass on directly to you. 

Since we purchase in full truckloads, we receive special deals that we pass along to you in the form of our in-store specials that highlight the other great deals we receive.

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