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Cash&Carry is now Smart Foodservice®

Cash&Carry Smart Foodservice® announced its rebranding to Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores. The change from Cash&Carry Smart Foodservice® to Smart Foodservice® Warehouse Stores reflects more than sixty years of evolution in the foodservice industry. Focusing on the Smart Foodservice® name allows the retailer to better communicate its mission of selling quality ingredients and restaurant supplies in a simple, convenient warehouse format—providing customers exceptional service and a dependable source of supply.


Since 1955, Smart Foodservice® has been providing a convenient and economical solution, selling foodservice supplies to businesses, non-profit organizations and households. With smaller and more convenient locations, the retailer has been able to reach more customers and expand into new markets and states becoming one of the premier store-based foodservice suppliers. Smart Foodservice® will continue to utilize the day-to-day business model and add warehouse stores across its markets. This approach will not only better emphasize the go-to market strategy, but will also offer restaurants and businesses the same competitive advantage that is available to some of the largest foodservice operators.


“The updated name better reflects our mission and provides a much clearer message to current and future customers about the products and services we offer. This new name is a much more accurate reflection of who we are and what we do,” said Derek Jones, President, Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores and Executive Vice President, Smart & Final.


Headquartered near Portland, Oregon, Smart Foodservice® is a subsidiary of Smart & Final Stores, Inc. and has operated throughout the Northwest for more than 60 years. The division currently has 64 wholesale stores located in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada and Utah catering to the foodservice industry.

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